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Getting On Top of the White Stuff

Stockholm has been covered by snow since mid-December. It gave me a touch of claustrophobia. Where to go for someone who loves long walks and running in the woods, when there’s a half-metre layer of snow everywhere? Something had to be done, unless I was going to go crazy and head back to London.

The solution was getting skis for the family. Since then we’ve actually been using the white stuff, cross-country skiing over fields, frozen lakes and through the forest several times per week. Wonderful! I even took son to a nearby slope today for some alpine, and he took to it at once, quickly outdoing me (which, admittedly, is not hard, but still).

Getting on top of the snow, having some fun with it is how to survive winter in Stockholm.

Skiing  on Lake Lundsjön, Stockholm.

Skiing on Lake Lundsjön, Stockholm.